What's up with this Holistic stuff?

We're Ballistic Over Holistic!!!

Holistic is comprised of 3 mindful elements that allows one to reach a state of mindfulness(Nirvana). Why Should We Care? Most individuals live in the past or future because of past trauma and fear. This mindset can bring on daily pain and anxiety. Some doctors diagnosis this as fibromyalgia when they can not come to a logical scientific conclusion. Going holistic is pulling all considerations together, such as, generational mental bondage and trauma, pains and how is it affecting one's current state, in order to pinpoint the physical and mental issues at hand. *What is going on in the mind? (Mind) *Is it affecting the body by producing pain and stress? (Body) *Is conscientiousness being practiced for better results? (Spirit) Mind/Body/Spirit What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a state of being that allows one to be conscientious of its surroundings, present mental state and physical awareness. Practicing mindfulness also gives one the ability to have a mental handle on conscientiousness of breathing, reactions and response. Mindfulness also shows awareness to breathe which we all know is a lifesaving oxygen but on a micro level, it is extremely important to organs and glands for restorative health. Anxiety and stress can minimize oxygen levels but practicing mindfulness aids in overall better health. Just that simple! Going holistic gives us the opportunity to consider the connections between our mental, physical and spiritual health so that we can experience true Nirvana possibly in our lifetime. That is experiencing peace, bliss and pain free. That includes being free of pain, total peace, and bliss. Like the breakdown, so far? If so, subscribe for more.