17 Damaging Signs of Dehydration
3 Powerful Hydration Tips

There are so many ways to tell whether or not you're dehydrated; here in this video you may learn about other common ones that went unnoticed.

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Aside the other 16 signs listed in the video, here is one more for you that came to mind... dry hands and feet. If natural skin shedding is not taking place, it could also be signs of dehydration, worse case, organ issues. Dry feet and cracked heels are huge tale tell signs that something could be dis-eased internally from a holistic assessment stand point. So be sure to talk with your doctor for an extensive check up. Check out this video for more signs of dehydration. If you are dealing with dry eye, constipation, bad breathe, dry skin that causes eczema, dry and flaking scalp and brittle hair, cuticles, flaky nails, dry eye, sugar cravings, dark urine, inflammation, headaches, lack of water, muscle cramps, u.t.i., sugar diabetes, sugar and carb cravings, bladder and kidney issues this may be a good video for you.

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